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Sermons on Obadiah

The Kingdom will be the Lord’s

“The Kingdom will be the Lord’s” Obadiah 21 Rev. Geoff Downey November 18, 2018  To whom do the “saviors” in the Bible ultimately point forward? Saviors & Deliverers Judging God’s enemies The Kingdom shall be the LORD’s How can you look forward this week to what the end of the Bible says?

The Problem of Pride (Part 2)

Obadiah 3-9 “The Problem of Pride”(Part 2) Obadiah 3-9 Rev. Geoff Downey September 2, 2019   What was it about which Edom was SO proud? The Heart of Pride Individual National Kingdom Conclusion What lessons could the nation of Edom teach the United States?

Obadiah Overview

Obadiah 1 “Obadiah Overview” Obadiah 1 Rev. Geoff Downey August 12, 2018     What do you know about Obadiah?     The Background The Prophet & His Vision The Message Then & Now Which part of the sermon should you meditate upon this week: the message of God’s Word, the idea of the Servant,…


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