Sunday School @ 9:00 A.M.
Morning Worship @ 10:00 A.M.
Evening Worship @ 6:00 P.M.

Sermons by Rev. Geoff Downey

Worship and Witness in the World

1 Timothy 1-2 Do you know someone whose life has been changed dramatically, maybe even “radically transformed” by the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 1. Belief that Behaves 2. Worship and Witness APP Q: How is the truth about Jesus challenged these days? How can you apply these Truths more fully in your own life today?

“Getting to Know Timothy….again!”

1 Timothy 1 What do you know or remember from Paul’s first letter to Timothy? 1)                  Truth with a Capital “T” – vv. 1-7 2)                  Life-Giving Truth – vv. 8-12 APP Q: What can you do to increase your discernment between True and false teachings and to follow the Truth more closely in your own Christian walk?

“Inseparable Love” Part 2

Romans 8:38-39 Have you been reflecting on this passage? How have its Truths affected you so far? 1)        Everything in Time 2)        Everything in Space 3)        And just in case he forgot something else… How can you apply these Truths to what you are facing this week?

“Incomparable Love” Part 1

Romans 8:38-39  What assures you of God’s love? What is your “testimony” of the knowledge of the love of God for you?  1)                  A Testimony of Truth 2)                  Against Death, and for Life 3)                  Against Angels and Rulers How can you meditate upon these Truths this week?


Please note: All church activities have been cancelled until further notice. However, morning worship services will be streamed live on YouTube. There will be no evening services. Link to YouTube channel for worship service streaming