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Evening Worship @ 6:00 P.M.

Sermons by Rev. Geoff Downey

The Charge of our Charge

“The Charge of our Charge” I Timothy 1:5-7 Rev. Geoff Downey February 17, 2019 What is the “greatest of these”? The Principal Purpose Majoring on the Minors How Humility Helps Meditate on Psalm 119:14-17 this week. Can you pray this way?  

Timothy’s Task

“Timothy’s Task” 1 Timothy 1:3-5 Rev. Geoff Downey February 10, 2019 What is our charge and aim as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ? The Charge – v. 3 The Myths – v. 4 The Aim – v. 5 Do you practice the doctrine of love as much as you love your doctrine?

Greetings in Two Parts

“Greetings in Two Parts” 1Timothy 1:1-2 Rev. Geoff Downey February 3, 2019 What comes to mind for you when you hear the word “royalty”? How does your idea about “democracy” affect your faith? A True Son  The Incredible Mercy of God  Christ our Lord Do you praise the Lord regularly for His grace?  How about…

Greetings in Two Parts

“Greetings in Two Parts” 1Timothy 1:1-2 Rev. Geoff Downey January 27, 2019   What is one of your favorite stories? Why? Paul the Apostle God our Savior Christ our Hope Since Christ is our hope, we also (along with the apostle Paul) seek to offer this hope of Christ to a world gripped by hopelessness.

Praise precedes Petition, Part 1

“Praise precedes Petition” (Part 1) Psalm 139:1-12 Rev. Geoff Downey December 30, 2018   Do you know God like this? Do you believe that God knows you like this?     Praising God for His Knowledge Praising Him for His Presence Appealing to Him for both in our lives Which of these qualities of God…

Simeon’s Song

“Simeon’s Song” Luke 2:22-35 Rev. Geoff Downey December 23, 2018 What do you deserve this Christmas? Exalting Humility – vv. 22-24 Simeon’s Hope – vv. 25-32 Marveling at the Message – vv. 33-35 This “first Christmas” Story invites us once again to see Jesus rightly and receive him, and rest alone upon Him, as Savior,…

Cutting, Calling and Christmas

“Cutting, Calling and Christmas” Luke 2:8-21 Rev. Geoff Downey December 16, 2018   How do you use a “magnifying” glass?   The Covenant before Christmas The Conception and Creation The Glory of Christmas is Christ To receive the good news of the gospel is to come to understand that, despite our background and failures, God…

Pictures of Protection, Part 2

“Pictures of Protection” Psalm 91, Part 2 Rev. Geoff Downey December 9, 2018     What are the three “movements” of this Psalm? How do you know?     Our Refuge and Fortress – vv. 1-2 Commending his Confession – vv. 9-13 The Satisfaction of Salvation – vv. 14-16     Psalm 91 is written…