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Evening Worship @ 5:00 P.M.

Sermons from June 2022

The Forever Fulfillment

Leviticus 4, Part 2 “The Forever Fulfillment” June 19, 2022 How is forgiveness arranged by God, in Leviticus and now? 1)          Forgiveness is from God…BY God! 2)         Rules and Religious Ritualism 3)         The “Forever Fulfillment” Conclusion: What are some ways that Jesus’ sacrifice is superior…

Fellowship, Fat, and Friendship

Leviticus 3:1-17, Part 2   “Fellowship, Fat, and Friendship”                       June 5, 2022 What did God do for His people when they sinned? 1)          A Fellowship Meal  2)         Food and Fat! — Expressing our Thanks  3)         Fellowship and Friendship…with God!   Christocentric conclusion: According to Leviticus 3, how do you access and express peace…


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