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Recognizing Divine Authority, Part 1

“Recognizing Divine Authority” Part One

Matthew 21:1-17

Rev. Dr. Larry G. Mininger

Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019



INTRO: Q: What was Palm Sunday all about?

A: It was a ____________ for Jesus!



Would the Jews RECOGNIZE (accept) Divine Authority?


  1. ___________ Recognized Divine Authority


  1. The _______________ Recognized Divine Authority, v 6f


III. The ___________ Recognized Divine Authority, v 8-9


TRANS: It has been said, ‘Everyone loves a parade.’

BUT in THIS CASE, not everyone was pleased.


  1. The _________________Rejected Divine Authority, v 14-16a


CONCLUSION: Do ________ Recognize Divine Authority?

Or do we just like parades?


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