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The Majesty of Hope, Part 4

“The Majesty of Hope” Part Four

I Thessalonians 4:13-18

Rev. Dr. Larry G. Mininger

January 20, 2019


INTRO:  The __________ and ___________ of Hope

Review of Part One:

I.  The Problem of No Hope, v 13
II. The Promise of ‘All Hope,’ v 14f

Review of Part Two:

III.  The PLAN of Hope, v 15-18

(Outline provided by John R. Stott)
A. The RETURN [of Christ], v 15 (the Parousia)

Review of Part Three:



Part Four:

C. The ______________, v 17a

  1. ‘Caught up’ = ____________, ‘snatched away.’
  2. “in the ____________
  3. We shall be _______________ physically, I Cor 15:50-55.
  4. IT COULD INCLUDE _________!


D. The _____________, v 17b

  1. We will be united to the __________ forever!
  2. We will be united to ______ _____________ forever!
    1. No more ________________.
    2. No more ____________.
    3. No more _________.


APPLICATION: v 18, Joy! Majestic Hope


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