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Wisdom Comes to Grief

“Wisdom Comes to Grief”

I Kings 4:29-34 & Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

Rev. Rodney King

May 26, 2019

Is there ultimate satisfaction in any activity in this world? Is the pursuit of wisdom itself ultimately satisfying? Here is the answer from the best source!

  1. Self-introduction & Assessment: the Best Man for the Quest
    1. The Royal Perspective
    2. The Greatest Wisdom and Knowledge in the World.
  2. The Quest for Wisdom
  3. Appraisal: Work & Wisdom Do Not Satisfy.
    1. All Activities Are Ultimately Unsatisfying, they are “grasping for the wind”.
    2. All Wisdom Is Ultimately Unsatisfying, Even in Distinguishing It From Folly.
  4. Confirming Proverbs
    1. You Can’t Figure Out A Wacky World.
    2. Wisdom & Knowledge End in Grief.
  5. So why work and seek wisdom?      “We are not the patrons of ignorance.” Bridges
    1. Because Ultimate Satisfaction Is Not Found in a Fallen World.
    2. God Made Us For Himself.

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